Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fast as Week

Hello all. I can't believe this week already came to an end. I feel like I was just writing yesterday. But everyone says once you hit the hump it goes much faster, I can truly testify to that after one week haha. 
It was a good week. Just an average one to be honest. After last week we just kind had a slower week. Investigators are still moving a long. Clinton is still golden for the 1st. He is very good at giving detailed stories. The Pinono family is doing good too. They are just super busy since Myles is playing ball for the national tournament. Which is awesome. We will catch up with them some more tonight! 
President Balli told me last night that we can move Annettes progress along pretty fast here now! So we are really excited for her! She will probably have a baptismal date this week if not then next week for sure! 
The Lord has really blessed us and protected us this week! My comp had a pretty scary fall while mucking around in basketball. But he's all good now, just really sore haha. But all is well!
The area is doing good still and we are still having fun and loving the mission! I hope you all have a good week! And stay warm since it's coming in to winter!
Love you all! 

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