Sunday, April 24, 2016

Transfers Already Again

Kia Ora!! Can you believe its already Mid April?? Where in the world has the year gone!!
Well this week has been pretty solid I'd say!! We got 2 new investigators this week that are pretty keen to come unto Christ. One wants to get married in the temple to his partner and the other just wants to do whatever he can to follow Christ. Pretty excited to work with both of them! They really test my knowledge and my testimony! Nothing will ever shake my testimony no matter what they try to throw at me! I know the Book of Mormon is true and that will never ever change!!
This week on a trade off I had the chance to meet up with one of the investigators in my Wellsford branch. She's awesome!! She usually comes in with heaps of questions but this time she had nothing. And we were so unprepared haha. She was talking to our member and she said something about the after life So BOOM Plan of Salvation right off the bat. And it was a MEAN AS lesson!!! She really understood and she said that it was all really comforting. I had a prompting from the Spirit to invite her to be baptized. But I had no idea had to do it with the Plan of Salvation. I was very prayerful while my companion was talking and then it came! The best way to follow Christ and get to the Kingdom with him is to follow Him and be baptized. Am I right?? So I read something from the scriptures, invited her, and she said YES! We will be working out a date with her this week. But the best was that she asked "Can my children be baptized too??" Made me so happy. The Lord has really prepared her. And she showed how committed she was when she rocked up to Church yesterday!! 
The work is going really well!! Crazy this transfer is already over. Time goes so fast when you're having fun in the work!! I'll feel you all in with transfer details next week :)
Love you all! Have a good week!!!

Conference Weekend 2016

Hello once again everyone :)
I hope you are all doing good :) Yes you all might be thinking I'm crazy cause conference was last week, but we watched it this week so you can bare with me ;)
This week was pretty solid. Lots of good things going on and a good hand full of investigators that are progressing. We went on a trade off and I got to go with an Elder named Metekingi who is visa waiting to go to Utah!! So he is GREEN AS. I got to take him to his first lesson with an investigator. He was way nervous but he did really good haha. There's some good things going on in our areas so I'm happy to be here :)
After the Priesthood session I felt like I was back in October haha. I was with my companion and we went to McDonalds with my first companion Elder Murdock. Haha just like last conference. It was fun to be back with him again haha.
So conference was wonderful in every way. I couldn't even tell you which one was my favorite cause they were all just so wonderful!! But my invitation is the same as last week and it comes from one of the talks (But I can't remember which haha) The Lord has given us a fantastic opportunity with these conference talks and they are so easy to access with Are we taking the chances we've been given and studying these talks until next conference?? These talks are direction revelation and teachings from the Lord for our day and time. Are we using them to the fullest?? I'd invite you to try and read or watch at least 1 talk this week. Just treasure up the word of the Lord. It's such a special thing we've been given, we might as well use it to our advantage!!

I love you all so much and miss you as well!!
Keep up the good work!!:)

From 3 to 2

Kia Ora!! Hope you all had a wonderful time from conference, thanks for not spoiling anything for me since I get to watch it this upcoming week :P
So this week was pretty solid. My companion and I are now only covering 2 areas instead of 3. We don't have enough kilometers so the zone leaders now cover the one that is like an hour away haha. Sad to lose it but now we can focus more on the people in the two areas so it's good!
Lets see, lots of good things going on. In Bream Bay we are working with a lot of Less Actives and working on our teaching pool. But we had a lesson with this guy named Trent who's been looking into the gospel for a while. He committed to come to a session of conference next week. He said he's really seeking now so that will be good. A young girl that we haven't been able to catch finally came back to church and we are going to try and set up a date with her and her family for a baptismal service tonight, so that's a plus. 
In Wellsford there is some good people down there. Our FHE with the two families and President was awesome! One family was telling us how their goal right now is to one day get sealed so that was an awesome thing to hear! Then our other investigator Casandra is doing really well. She has HEAPS of questions so it's awesome to work with her on those. She's very curious and just wants to know what God is up to she says haha. But she committed to read the Book of Mormon so that's a big step!!
My invitation this week would be to go back and watch one or two conference talks that really stood out to you. Study them and then apply them. I don't know what the main talk was about this time but I can't wait to hear! I know that this is a special time. We get to hear from the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord!!! What a blessing!!! We get to hear and receive direct relevation from our Father in Heaven from these wonder church leaders. I hope you all take time to really ponder their messages and apply them to yourselves.
I love you all!!
Until next week!!

Happy Easter Weekend!

Hey there once again. Happy Easter to all!!!
This week has been pretty solid. A lot of people sadly weren't home due to the holiday weekend. But we did the best we can! HEAPS of driving tho. We drove all over the place this week. It's crazy how massive our areas are that we have to drive to. It;s fun tho. Gives us some good things to thing about and talk about.
Lots of good things are in the making and I love it!! All 3 areas are doing solid. Dargaville hasn't been shut down yet so they are doing as good as they can haha. Bream Bay and Wellsford have a lot of good people in it that we are working with so I'm happy where we are. 
My comp is the man. A little worldly still but doing good! We have some fun and good talks! We are pretty similar so it's really nice!
Not too much to fill everyone in on this week. 
I will just leave my testimony of this wonderful Easter season. The fact that the Savior died and rose again for us is the greatest gift I could ever imagine. Because of his sacrifice we can all live again and be together with our families, with Him, and our Father for time and all eternity. I know that He did rise on the 3rd day and this is His only true church on the Earth today. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Remember me when you are eating the chocolate and the eggs. But also remember the true meaning behind Easter!
Love you all!!