Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Easter Weekend!

Hey there once again. Happy Easter to all!!!
This week has been pretty solid. A lot of people sadly weren't home due to the holiday weekend. But we did the best we can! HEAPS of driving tho. We drove all over the place this week. It's crazy how massive our areas are that we have to drive to. It;s fun tho. Gives us some good things to thing about and talk about.
Lots of good things are in the making and I love it!! All 3 areas are doing solid. Dargaville hasn't been shut down yet so they are doing as good as they can haha. Bream Bay and Wellsford have a lot of good people in it that we are working with so I'm happy where we are. 
My comp is the man. A little worldly still but doing good! We have some fun and good talks! We are pretty similar so it's really nice!
Not too much to fill everyone in on this week. 
I will just leave my testimony of this wonderful Easter season. The fact that the Savior died and rose again for us is the greatest gift I could ever imagine. Because of his sacrifice we can all live again and be together with our families, with Him, and our Father for time and all eternity. I know that He did rise on the 3rd day and this is His only true church on the Earth today. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Remember me when you are eating the chocolate and the eggs. But also remember the true meaning behind Easter!
Love you all!!

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