Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Miracles in Henderson.

Hello all once again! 
Life is good down here in the bottom of the world. We had heaps of fun this week too. Lots of adventures and a lot of good teaching appointments.
Last week I talked about Blessings, this week I wanna share a few miracles... We have an investigator named Annette. She has been meeting with the missionaries for over 2 years now. The ward calls her a "dry mormon" cause she's more active than some of our members haha. But she's awesome. She was able to take some even more big steps this last week! We are really excitied for her! Other great things are coming!! A lot of people have started to take interest in our messages and everything we have to offer them! A lot of good things should be coming this week!!
Other than that, the Lord is continuing to work in many different ways here in Lincoln Ward. And In the Henderson Stake! 
I hope you all have a good week. Love you all!!

Love you all!!

Lincoln has Blessings!!

Hello once again from the Pacific!
I can't believe August has come! Time is moving so much faster and it's crazy. Things are really good down here though! My comp and I say basically every day that Lincoln has heaps of blessings in so many ways! We are loving this area and doing the best we can to help the ward. Our ward is very eager to do missionary work and they are always telling us they are willing to help anyway they can! There is some true blessing coming our way. We have the pool, an EPIC ward mission plan, and good things to come.

Teaching wise things are picking up, still working on that but we are trying our best to go through all our old records and find more people to talk to and teach. There's people out there! Just need to go and get them!

An adventure from this week, my comp and I got a new couch from the side of the road!!:) It reminded me of when me and the boys back home got our own couch haha. But this one was just sitting on the side of the road, we knocked the door and they said they weren't interested, but we just asked if we could have the couch haha, they told us to just take it for free! It was an adventure and challenge getting it in the trailer and into the house but we did and it looks shux!!

Other than that I'm loving it down here!:) Hope you all have a good week!!
Love you all!!

Elder Maughan



Welcome to August

Hello everyone again!!
Life is going great down here in Aotearoa! I'm having so much fun and getting into the work!! My comp and I are getting along really well and we are having lots of fun.Our zone and district are both really united and the ward is awesome. And it's cool cause heaps of people here know people from my first area. Some are even related! But the ward is great and we are doing all good :)
On Tuesday we had the great chance to get a training from President Haleck. Q of the 70 and new Pacific Area President. We spent most of the day with him and had some really good insights. After the training one of the AP's came up to me and said President Haleck wants to meet with me. Of course my heart dropped. So I waited around till he had me in. He just said he always picks a few random missionaries to talk to and get to know haha. So it was a really good interview. Just gave me some personal counsel and encouragement and then he gave me a blessing!!:) It was a very cool experience to get a blessing from a General Authority :)
The rest of the week just kept moving forward. We were able to teach a few people. Slowing picking that up. Our Ward Mission Leader got back from his trip so we got to meet him and now we are gonna get going like crazy!
On Saturday I had the great oppurtunity to baptize a child for a less active family :) It was a little rough tho haha. He didn't want to get in the water. Then he kicked his foot up so we had to do it again and he was very against that haha. But we calmed him down and he came back in and he yelled "YAAAY I DID IT!!!" So it was a true blessing to be a part of that :)
The Blessing in the Lincoln Ward keep flowing and it's a great place to be :) My comp and I are very excited to be here and to be working hard!!
Hope you all are staying cool over there!! Love and miss you all!!
Elder Maughan

I need more creative subjects....

Hello everyone!!
This week was good! Our first full week in the area and we are just getting started with our work! There's some good things to come this transfer. The ward is more than anxious to do missionary work. Our ward is awesome too haha. Everyone is willing to help and do anything they can to help us. 
Yesterday in Church we had a couple missionary come home from their mission in Hawaii. The reason they came home was because he got a new calling. The new New Zealand Temple President!! So we got to hear from him and his wife, that was really special :) 
We met an investigator this week finally named Wiremu. From the states but moved here and is learning Maori. He's pretty cool. Very hungry for the truth and just needs to recognize his answers! But he's way cool. We did a lot of tracting this week. Which neither of us are good at since we've been up north for so long with no tracting haha. But we had some fun with it and found a few potentials. The sisters before us have been us to everyone mostly but we are still doing good!
My comp is the man. He's really random and funny haha. We are still working on our teaching skills together since we haven't had heaps of lessons yet but we will and we will have a blast! 
We are having heaps of fun down here too. Our zone and district our awesome. I'm excited to be here and to keep this work moving!
I already know this is going to be a great week so I'm really excited!:) Hope you all have a good week and a good Pioneer Day!!
Love you guys!!:)
Elder Maughan

Area #4 Lincoln Ward, Henderson Stake

Talofa!! (Hello in Samoan haha)
Well I'm back down in Auckland!!! We had transfers this last Wednesday. Very sad to move from Wellsford and Bream Bay. The Northland was super fun but it's fun being back down in Auckland! 
I'm now on the west side of my mission in the Henderson Stake. Back in a ward too with a chapel. It was really weird. I miss my chapels up in the North, but we have a really nice ward. 
We had a massive ward feed for a missionary who got home on Saturday. So It was a really good welcoming to him and us haha ;) 
The sisters left us some good notes and a few people to work with. Not a massive teaching pool but it's more than 0 so it's all good!!! 
My companion is Elder Ponce from the Philippines. We are from the same in take so we have a good connection there. Still need to work on working together and everything but it's only week one! It's his first time in Auckland too so he's going a little crazy haha.
Sorry this email was kinda lame, not too much to share from a whitewash haha. 
I hope you all had a good week and will have a wonderful this one!!
Love you all!!

Elder Maughan

Weeks Keep Flying

Hello all of you beautiful people out there. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and none of you got blown up from a firework :)
This week has been awesome! We had a lot of good things come about and lots of good lessons! Things are picking up!
I also talked with Miracle. A young girl we are teaching. She was showing me how she plays the piano and asked me when she's gonna get baptized haha. I told her as soon as she's not so busy we will come over and get things sorted out :)
Then last night we had a good chat with one of our members who hasn't been to church in a while. She said she realizes things need to change and she is planning on coming to church next week!
And then to finish up the week we had a talk with Anne-Marie and she is doing good. She made my comp put on a mask so he wouldn't spread germs haha. But we had a good talk with her and a good prayer. Hopefully she'll be able to listen to the Spirit and open her heart now!!
Transfers again this week. Hoping for a miracle to stay here a little bit longer! If not, who knows where I'll be emailing from next week! But until then!
Love you all!!


Well since I'm in New Zealand I don't get to celebrate the 4th, but I hope you all have a wonder day tomorrow and have lots of fun for me!!!!🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
Theres my Fireworks for the year :) 

Anyway!! This was a good week!! 4 people came to church! Cassandra and Kor were both there and they are doing great! We are very excited for them and their family :)

Anne-Marie is doing good also. She is set for the 23 of August! That's her birthday she said so she said that would be perfect! New Year of life, new life in general! We are happy to work with her! And her dog is really fun to mess with. Even tho he leaves his hair like every where haha.

Lots of good things came out of no where this week. My companion and I are both trying harder and harder for the work to come forth. And we can see the Lords hand in our work as we have turned to Him more and more. We still have heaps to work on, but we are on the right track and its a great feeling!!

Well that's all for this week! I hope you all have a great 4th tomorrow!!:)
Love and miss you all!!:)

Elder Maughan