Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Miracles come from Work

Bonjour! With my companion I'm working on my French Skills ;)
This week was good!! Thanks to all that took time to send me an email!
We had a good week. The week days were a bit slow. But the Lord provides! A funny thing that happened to us this week was on Saturday. We went tracting in this place called Maungatoroto. Absolutely nothing haha. They were all part of the Brethen Church and just turned us away. One lady I waved to and said hello, she looked at me and looked the other direction right after and kept puffing away on her Ciggy like she didn't even see me. So we got out of that area haha. When we pulled up to the town center some drunk lady called us over. She asked us what we preach and so we started sharing. She ended up yelling at us for sitting with her trying to share a message and not going out and helping the people who have no homes. Then she nearly started crying and accepted a Book of Mormon. Kind of a strange moment but it was good to sit down and share our message. 
On Sunday two less active families just rocked up to church out of no where. It was a true blessing for our branch to see them there!
Our Relief Society President also went and talked to our new neighbor. She has become interested in the church and we talked a little about baptism at one time with her. Our Relief Society President invited her to church next week, even offered a ride, and she said yes!! We are gonna work on a date with her this week!!:) 
The miracles came at the end of the week. We tried hard to get something to go during the week, but the Lord provided in the end. As long as we do what we are asked, He WILL provide!

I love you all and will hopefully hear from more of you soon!!

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