Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Whangarei round 2!

Kia Ora everyone!! Once again another come and gone and life is going good!
So transfers were this week. Nothing new! I get to stay in my branches with my step-son Elder Andrew! So life is going good!! 
This week was pretty good in my eyes. Lots of things to come when we work like we know we can! When we push ourselves to our potential it's amazing what the Lord does!
Earlier in the week we met with this guy name Carlo. He's the man. Hardcore Maori guy. But he recently found Christ in his life and he loves to talk about Christ with us. We shared the first vision with him last week and he read it over and over and over again. When I asked him about it this week, he said he had a feeling of truth come over him. But he doesn't wanna put all his trust into Joseph Smith without learning about him. But he felt the spirit from the first vision! He knows it's true just needs to stop looking for the negatives!! He told us he would read the  Book of Mormon. SO good things will come from him!
Well that's us for the week. Can't believe it's May next week. Best month of the year coming up!!!;)
Love you all!!! Talk to you soon!!:)

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