Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lincoln has Blessings!!

Hello once again from the Pacific!
I can't believe August has come! Time is moving so much faster and it's crazy. Things are really good down here though! My comp and I say basically every day that Lincoln has heaps of blessings in so many ways! We are loving this area and doing the best we can to help the ward. Our ward is very eager to do missionary work and they are always telling us they are willing to help anyway they can! There is some true blessing coming our way. We have the pool, an EPIC ward mission plan, and good things to come.

Teaching wise things are picking up, still working on that but we are trying our best to go through all our old records and find more people to talk to and teach. There's people out there! Just need to go and get them!

An adventure from this week, my comp and I got a new couch from the side of the road!!:) It reminded me of when me and the boys back home got our own couch haha. But this one was just sitting on the side of the road, we knocked the door and they said they weren't interested, but we just asked if we could have the couch haha, they told us to just take it for free! It was an adventure and challenge getting it in the trailer and into the house but we did and it looks shux!!

Other than that I'm loving it down here!:) Hope you all have a good week!!
Love you all!!

Elder Maughan



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