Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hello everyone once again from the NZAM :) 
First off thanks to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes :) Made me very happy to hear from everyone and new people!:) Love and miss you all!!
This week was really good with what we were able to do. Small miracles everywhere. 2 came within one hour of each other! The first one came from our neighbor who just moved in. She called out to us from her window and just started asking questions. She's a really nice lady. A little strange but good. She took a Book of Mormon and started reading! So that was really good. Next came about 30 minutes later at one of our investigators house named Carlo. He told us that he had stopped going to his other church now just looking at the Bible for him and his family. He was reading from the Book of Mormon but his wife said they should stick to one book for now. But we will keep visiting them! 
We had an awesome birthday. Got HEAPS of cakes and nice stuff from our members :) We definitely felt the love here for our birthdays :)
Thanks for all the love :) Talk to you guys next week!!:)
PS- get a hold of my parents or blog and check out our birthday lip sync!!!
Click here to watch Elder Maughan and Elder Andrew's lip sync!!

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