Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Whangarei-Week 2

Hello once again from the Northland! Life up here is much different than in Auckland itself. But I really enjoy it up here! Lots of trees and hills and water. Life is good!
So this week my comp and I drove probably 800 kilometers total just trying to get to know the area a lot better. Our areas are MASSIVE so we drive a lot. Each area is like 60-70 k's apart so we have to cover all 3, and they are all probably 150 k's in size themselves. It's really fun tho. Lots of jamming in the car. New video to come I'm sure.
Lets see, lots of good potentials came out of this week. Nothing amazing but good potential. The highlight was this lady. We were parking up to get a small feed for dinner then head back out, and as we pulled up she came up to us. She asked if we were mormons and told us that she use to meet with missionaries where she used to live. She said that she recently decided to turn her life to the Lord and will do anything to follow Christ. Basically she's golden and ready to move on! So we are going to focus on her and a few other people this week and help them come to know the joys of our church!
The area and comp is awesome. Very beautiful and open (My area, not my comp.) my comp is the man too! We have a lot of fun! 
I can't complain right now! The work is moving forward and I'm enjoying myself!! 
I hope you are all having a good time at home! My invitation this week would be to check out and watch the new videos and then try and share it with a non member friend!! It's Easter and a lot of people go to church around this time of year so they should be at our church!!
Love you all! Have a safe week!!

6 Months later, up in Whangarei

Hello everyone! It's been a crazy week and yes this is late cause it's Tuesday here right now haha. We had zone conference so things got a little pushed back. BUT some news. I got transferred again! I am now up in the Northland of Whangarei. (For those back home, the WH here makes an F sound.) It is BEAUTIFUL up here. Very green, lots of hills. HEAPS of driving. And the stars up here, are breath taking! In one of my flats (yes multiple flats) I can lay on the roof and see the stars more clear than ever. And I get to see like half of the Stake too because I cover 3 branches! Which are all MASSIVE!!! But me and my comp make it fun and like to jam in the car. Speaking of him, his name is Elder Andrew from Aus. He has only been out on the mission for 6 weeks now. Little bit of a difference. He had a rough first transfer so I need to try and help him get into the work!! And we have the Same BIRTHDAY!! How cool right?? But he is a year older than me but STILL cool.
So the night I got transferred up here we went to this little hill by the beach that is 2 minutes from our flat. And I burned my tie!😎 6 months of my mission has already cruised by! I love how this has gone so far. I wouldn't change it for the world. It is a great experience :) With the season coming up I'd like to invite all of you to check out the new video the Church has come out with. It's all about following the Savior and how we can life again. There is two of them actually and they are both amazing :)
There is a lot to be done up here and I am super super excited to be apart of it and to watch these 3 branches grow!
I love and miss you all so much and hope you have a wonder week!!!

Weeks going by!

Yo yo everyone!! Hows life going this week?? This week was alright, nothing special. Comp still being a little lazy and disobedient so I had to work with that but it was pretty good! We had a lot of time with some members this week and it's really good to bond with them and see the support. And I've come to realize that it is very easy to waste the little time we have out here on the mission sharing the gospel. That is the biggest responisblity we have as members is to share the gospel whatever chance we get! And as a missionary you may think "That's what you do all day it's easy to do and say that." Honestly it's so hard. Satan tries very hard to tempt us to just sleep 5 more minutes, or not talk to this person cause they don't look nice. But we have to push to the limit and be exact. The Lord has given us the chance to share the gospel so we need to be exact when it comes to it. As members we all can do that too. In the places you go every day, work, the gym, the store, the toilets, everywhere! Share the Gospel! Just open your mouth and share something small! It can plant the seed and have a change on that person. My challenge for you all this week is to spark a conversation about the Gospel and BoM with a non member friend or co worker. See what can come from it. I promise it will be smooth and the Lord will help you with that challenge.
I could be emailing from another area next week so I will keep you all updated on that!!:)
Love you all and until next week!

Week 4 in Otahuhu

Hello once again from way down here :)
This week was chill. Not a whole lot going on still but we are still trying hard to find and do the work. My comp is a little disobedient with everything so it's a good challenge for me. But I know it will only strengthen me and make me a better missionary! 
This week we have a lot of good potential with some random people we've met so I am looking forward to working with them this week and trying to help them come unto Christ!
This weekend we had a missionary weekend as a stake and it was awesome! On Friday we had workshops to show members what the easy ways to do missionary work are and how they can help us out. We had a really good turn out in the English class and me and my zone leader had a lot of fun teaching that.
Saturday we took the youth out on splits and knocked some doors with them haha. I took out this young man named Joshia and we had some fun. We knocked over 20 doors and I threw him on the spot. He was super nervous and was joking with me that he couldn't believe I did that to him haha. But he did a awesome job and we had fun. The second session I got to go out with our Stake President, President Pulu and a youth named Eryk. We went on a long walk and visited some Less Actives and shared some good stories with one another. It was really fun.
Sunday we had a Special Area Wide Broadcast for Church covering New Zealand and Aus. There must be some good work to be done here cause we are having all kinds of special meetings! But we had the chance to hear from Elder Quentin L. Cook of the 12 so that was really fun! And at night we finished the weekend off with a Fireside for investigators to come and see what our church is like and how it has blessed others lives.
The work is picking up here and it's good to see!! I love you all so much!
Have a happy 29th tomorrow cause it doesn't come too often ;)