Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 4 in Otahuhu

Hello once again from way down here :)
This week was chill. Not a whole lot going on still but we are still trying hard to find and do the work. My comp is a little disobedient with everything so it's a good challenge for me. But I know it will only strengthen me and make me a better missionary! 
This week we have a lot of good potential with some random people we've met so I am looking forward to working with them this week and trying to help them come unto Christ!
This weekend we had a missionary weekend as a stake and it was awesome! On Friday we had workshops to show members what the easy ways to do missionary work are and how they can help us out. We had a really good turn out in the English class and me and my zone leader had a lot of fun teaching that.
Saturday we took the youth out on splits and knocked some doors with them haha. I took out this young man named Joshia and we had some fun. We knocked over 20 doors and I threw him on the spot. He was super nervous and was joking with me that he couldn't believe I did that to him haha. But he did a awesome job and we had fun. The second session I got to go out with our Stake President, President Pulu and a youth named Eryk. We went on a long walk and visited some Less Actives and shared some good stories with one another. It was really fun.
Sunday we had a Special Area Wide Broadcast for Church covering New Zealand and Aus. There must be some good work to be done here cause we are having all kinds of special meetings! But we had the chance to hear from Elder Quentin L. Cook of the 12 so that was really fun! And at night we finished the weekend off with a Fireside for investigators to come and see what our church is like and how it has blessed others lives.
The work is picking up here and it's good to see!! I love you all so much!
Have a happy 29th tomorrow cause it doesn't come too often ;)

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