Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weeks going by!

Yo yo everyone!! Hows life going this week?? This week was alright, nothing special. Comp still being a little lazy and disobedient so I had to work with that but it was pretty good! We had a lot of time with some members this week and it's really good to bond with them and see the support. And I've come to realize that it is very easy to waste the little time we have out here on the mission sharing the gospel. That is the biggest responisblity we have as members is to share the gospel whatever chance we get! And as a missionary you may think "That's what you do all day it's easy to do and say that." Honestly it's so hard. Satan tries very hard to tempt us to just sleep 5 more minutes, or not talk to this person cause they don't look nice. But we have to push to the limit and be exact. The Lord has given us the chance to share the gospel so we need to be exact when it comes to it. As members we all can do that too. In the places you go every day, work, the gym, the store, the toilets, everywhere! Share the Gospel! Just open your mouth and share something small! It can plant the seed and have a change on that person. My challenge for you all this week is to spark a conversation about the Gospel and BoM with a non member friend or co worker. See what can come from it. I promise it will be smooth and the Lord will help you with that challenge.
I could be emailing from another area next week so I will keep you all updated on that!!:)
Love you all and until next week!

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