Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Whangarei-Week 2

Hello once again from the Northland! Life up here is much different than in Auckland itself. But I really enjoy it up here! Lots of trees and hills and water. Life is good!
So this week my comp and I drove probably 800 kilometers total just trying to get to know the area a lot better. Our areas are MASSIVE so we drive a lot. Each area is like 60-70 k's apart so we have to cover all 3, and they are all probably 150 k's in size themselves. It's really fun tho. Lots of jamming in the car. New video to come I'm sure.
Lets see, lots of good potentials came out of this week. Nothing amazing but good potential. The highlight was this lady. We were parking up to get a small feed for dinner then head back out, and as we pulled up she came up to us. She asked if we were mormons and told us that she use to meet with missionaries where she used to live. She said that she recently decided to turn her life to the Lord and will do anything to follow Christ. Basically she's golden and ready to move on! So we are going to focus on her and a few other people this week and help them come to know the joys of our church!
The area and comp is awesome. Very beautiful and open (My area, not my comp.) my comp is the man too! We have a lot of fun! 
I can't complain right now! The work is moving forward and I'm enjoying myself!! 
I hope you are all having a good time at home! My invitation this week would be to check out and watch the new videos and then try and share it with a non member friend!! It's Easter and a lot of people go to church around this time of year so they should be at our church!!
Love you all! Have a safe week!!

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