Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week ending Email

Hello all again and again and again.
Hope this week was good to you and this email finds you well.
This week was pretty basic. Just hit the grow running and trying to find the prepared souls. Kinda hard with the size of our area, it's honestly the size, if not smaller, than a ward boundary back home haha. But we keep moving forward haha.
We have some really high hopes for this week. Our bishop talked about pushing more and more missionary mind things this week during our ward conference activities so I'm really looking forward to all those and seeing some new faces come up that I haven't met yet!
My desire to just teach and serve the gospel has sky rocketed lately and I'm so anxious to just meet new people and share more and more. I love how this gospel is never ending and we all will consistently be able to learn more and more. Can't wait to share it with more people this week!!

Love you all! Have a good one!

Elder Maughan

Bikes and Rain

Hey guys!! 
Hope your week was good and had some fun. We had a pretty good week down here. We got to meet our new mission president President Walker on Tuesday. He's the man. He's ready to walk hard on the mission and help all of us in lots of ways!! 
But after the conference we came back to the chapel and our bikes were gone haha. We didn't really know what happened so we just kept going on our way. And through the whole week every time we went to leave the flat it started to rain and got down the street it started to down pour haha. We thankfully got them back on Saturday at the chapel and were able to keep going at a must better speed.
This week we are looking forward to a full week of work with no meeting and conferences to try and get the area going some more!
Hopefully you all have a good week coming your way!
Love you all!

Elder Maughan 

Happy July!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a good week and are enjoying the America Holiday!
Our week has been pretty good. Doing the best we can with the area. We are still pretty much on square one but we've been making little baby steps. We have a few potentials still that we are looking to work with more but nothing too promising at the moment. But we included finding in our fasts this week and we have high faith that the Lord will help us out. 
This week brings about some new changes! We had a mission president switch on Saturday. Our new President is President Walker from Hawaii. I haven't met him yet but we get the chance to meet him and his wife tomorrow at our zone conference. I'm looking forward to serving with him for the next little while and seeing what I can learn from him. Changes bring forth miracles!!

Like last year I'm pretty jealous of everyone up in the USA just cause of the great holiday but New Zealand is pretty awesome so I won't complain too much haha. I'm happy where I'm at and with whats been going on. I love this place and the mission and I'm looking forward to what the next week brings.

I love you all! Stay safe this holiday!! Have a good one!!
Elder Maughan

Area #7 Yates Rd Ward, Papatoetoe Stake

Hello everyone!!
Sorry about last week. Had some stuff that needed to get taken care of from President Balli that I had to attend to right then and there. But all is well and glad to be back!
So this last week I got transferred! I got moved to South Auckland!!! I'm really happy to be back down here. The ward is very very small but a very good ward. I'm looking forward to spending some time here and getting to know the ward lots better!! Numbers are kinda small but the ward has a good energy about them and a good desire to build the ward so I'm happy to be here!! Looking forward to see what these few weeks have in store!!

Hope all is well where you are! 
Love you all!!

Elder Maughan 

Busy but Relaxed Week

Hello again!
This week we had 3 days basically full of just mission wide stuff. So our week was pretty full on but it was still good! After we got home Monday night the zone threw a little party for my 20th so that was super fun and nice of them!
Tuesday we had to drive down to Auckland and spend time there. Wednesday we had our MLC meeting then we had to drive back up. So that took up the entire day. Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Balli. My companion and I had to give the trainings as well. So we were there from 9-4 with that. Then President and Sister Balli took us to dinner. And at 530 we had a stake meeting so that occupied us for the rest of the night haha. Like I said, busy but pretty relaxed at the same time.
My comp got a little sick over the weekend so we didn't do heaps of Saturday and Sunday just so he could rest. But we were still able to make it up to church for sacrament then came back for some rest.
This week we got Zone Conference and then just a fulls week of work which I'm looking forward to! Crazy that this transfer is on it's last week! Wishing it would all slow down a bit!
Sorry it's not much this week.
Hope you all have a good week! 
Love yous!!

Elder Maughan

Birthday in Whangarei 2 years in a row!

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone had a great week. Our week here was pretty simple. It gets very repetitive here haha. Lots of visits and lots of bushes. We had a really fun primary activity we were able to attend on Friday. Great to see all the young ones from the ward come together and play the games. They actually got everyone involved and we all had some good laughs and big smiles. It's great seeing how close this ward is. They are all family and all live basically on the same street so everyone is Auntie, Uncle, or Cuz to them which is really nice. A lot of people here are getting into the missionary mind set and thinking of people for us to visit so they are really helpful to us.

Well 2 birthdays on the mission and both of them have been spend up here in the Northland. It's been super fun to see how I've change over the years. Lots to look back on over 20 years haha. But no longer a teenage and need to start shaping up haha. Hopefully the Lord will take care of me!!;)

Love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Maughan 

Cold Driving.

Hello all once again!
This week has involved a lot of driving, and a lot of cold mornings and nights. Every morning for work outs we are all shaking and freezing and by the time we get home it's straight into out beds to warm up. I've missed the cold. Not ready for the Utah cold just yet. But it is nice to chill down a bit!
The work is good! I love the area and the ward! Still learning heaps about the ward. It's all just one big valley that everyone lives in haha. 
We were able to do a lot of service this week for a last active man and help him build up his farm a bit. That was a lot of fun and good skills to learn!
One family told us if we are here in June we can come around and help them kill the pig! Ya I'm keen as for that!
Looking forward to another good week! This work is true and really is God's work. It's amazing what this Gospel can do.

Love you all!!

Elder Maughan