Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bikes and Rain

Hey guys!! 
Hope your week was good and had some fun. We had a pretty good week down here. We got to meet our new mission president President Walker on Tuesday. He's the man. He's ready to walk hard on the mission and help all of us in lots of ways!! 
But after the conference we came back to the chapel and our bikes were gone haha. We didn't really know what happened so we just kept going on our way. And through the whole week every time we went to leave the flat it started to rain and got down the street it started to down pour haha. We thankfully got them back on Saturday at the chapel and were able to keep going at a must better speed.
This week we are looking forward to a full week of work with no meeting and conferences to try and get the area going some more!
Hopefully you all have a good week coming your way!
Love you all!

Elder Maughan 

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