Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week ending Email

Hello all again and again and again.
Hope this week was good to you and this email finds you well.
This week was pretty basic. Just hit the grow running and trying to find the prepared souls. Kinda hard with the size of our area, it's honestly the size, if not smaller, than a ward boundary back home haha. But we keep moving forward haha.
We have some really high hopes for this week. Our bishop talked about pushing more and more missionary mind things this week during our ward conference activities so I'm really looking forward to all those and seeing some new faces come up that I haven't met yet!
My desire to just teach and serve the gospel has sky rocketed lately and I'm so anxious to just meet new people and share more and more. I love how this gospel is never ending and we all will consistently be able to learn more and more. Can't wait to share it with more people this week!!

Love you all! Have a good one!

Elder Maughan

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