Sunday, February 28, 2016


Hello everyone once again from the land of the long white cloud as people call it here. Or how the locals say it Aotearoa.
Well this week has been average haha. Nothing new in the area really. A lot needs to be done to get moving. Just a lot of stuff I need to whip into shape. My comp and self included haha. But overall I am still enjoying it out here. 
We had a specialized training this week with another zone and president. They told us the goal for our mission for baptisms this year. 950!!!! They did the math and they told us that is 4.7 or 5 baptisms per missionary. That is achievable without a doubt! It's crazy that this year is fully dedicated to missionary service for me. There will never be a year, 366 days in a year that I get to serve as a full-time servant and I'm super excited for it! And sadly 2 months have already passed away in this year! It's crazy!!
So this week we had the chance to have that training and President talked about how we need to work harder and everything. You know, telling us we can do more, which is really true. But when he was closing, the Spirit came and drilled my heart with his love. And I learned something very special and I want to share.
He talked about the love that the Saviour has for us and what he went through for us. He shared 4 scriptures, Luke 22:41-44, Mark 14: 33, D&C 19: 16-19, and Mosiah 3:7. In these scriptures it talks about Christ suffering the Atonement. And what he really went through. Pay attention to the footnotes. In one of them it says that even he was amazed by the pain he felt as he just sat there. But it was impossible for Him to die from that pain and suffering, because he had to finish His mission that His Father sent him here to do. So he just sat there and suffered for all of us. Every single pain we have ever felt, the Saviour has felt and even more all at once. And he just sat there and had to suffer for us because he couldn't do anything more. I know that he did that for us. He performed the greatest gift and event in ALL of history, the Atonement. I know that he truly loves us, and I never looked at how much pain he went through until then. 
I love you all and I hope that you will take some time this week to really see what the Atonement is and what it has done for you in your life.
I know I am out here to share this wonderful gift with the people of Auckland. Use the Atonement every day and move forward.
I love you all and will talk to you next week!!:)

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