Sunday, February 28, 2016

On The Move

Well this last week I said goodbye to the wonderful Blockhouse Bay ward. I spent 3 transfers there and I loved it there! It will always hold a place in my heart! But now I am moving my (somewhat) talents to the Otara Stake! I am now serving in the Otahuhu ward in South Auckland! It is a great little place and there is heaps of work to do here with the members and their friends!! The ward is super supportive of me and my companion and with the new Pacific Area vision/plans for 2016 there will be some major miracles coming our way in the whole Pacific!
We had the wonderful chance to listen to Elder D. Todd Christofferson as a mission combined with the Hamilton mission. You could just feel the spirit change when he walked into the room. And when we got to shake his hand and look into his eyes and he read our name tags, you can just feel and see the love from him! He is truly an Apostle of the Lord and a special witness that Jesus is the Christ and Saviour. I'm super grateful for the chance I had to meet him. His plane ride actually got cancelled due to weather so he decided to gather the missions and come speak haha. He gave a lot of insight but the one that I wanted to share is about the Book of Mormon and his testimony. He kept saying how important the BoM is. And it made me think of how much I love and cherish the BoM. I haven't read it a massive number of times. But I have read it enough to know that it is true. I read from it every day and gain more and more love each time. The BoM is what sets our church apart from every other church out there. It is so special and we should be reading it daily. Even if it is just a column a day, it is what we as members should do. And then of course pray about it and gain that personal love and testimony that it is the word of God. I challenge you all to continue to read and pray about the BoM. 
His testimony really touched my heart also. He told the missions that he will wave to us from the screen haha. But He told us that we can all say that we have heard his testimony in person. An apostle of the Lord. He testified to us that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives. That this is His true living church today. And it was the most powerful testimony I have ever heard. I know he is called of God and that this is the true church.
I'm excited for this new chapter in my mission! It will be a fun one! Even tho I get fed heaps from the members, walking and biking will keep me in shape ;)
Love you all! Have a good week!!!

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