Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hello again from the hot, sunny land of Auckland. and when I say that I mean it, it's usually like 80 degrees here with the humidity. It's crazy hot!! But it's beautiful!!
So this week has been solid and rough all at the same time!! Not too much action during the week but the weekend we had some big things happen. 
We were driving to our chapel on Saturday and one investigator named Jeffery called and asked to meet up later that night. So we set up a time and sat down with him. He told us about a lot of struggles at home. He told us he was ready to change his life and start fresh. He wants to join the church and be clean he said. So we set up some times to meet with him and started to go! He is super keen and has been prepared!! 
Then yesterday I was sitting at the sacrament table looking out on the ward, and I noticed some one staring through the door. Then as I was blessing the bread the phone went off. Luckily I turned it on silence probably 3 minutes before it happened ;) It was this lady named Maria! She had brought her whole family to church who aren't members!! But they were 20 minutes late and she said they were too embarrassed to walk in... but she wants us to come by this week and start teaching!! The work is moving in the wonder BHB ward!! Hopefully my companion and I can be humble enough and in tune with the Spirit to help these people out and come close to the Lord.

As I was finishing this email, Elder Nakamura just bit my shoulder... Why, I have no idea. 
Hopefully you all have a good week!! Send some snow my way please!!! Love you all!!

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