Saturday, January 16, 2016


Hello everyone!! Just wanted to wish you all a very merry christmas!!! 
So this last week we had transfers again, crazy how time is flying by!!! But as you can tell by the Subject I am now training a new missionary!!! Crazy only 3 months in and I get to train!! It's a big responsibility that the Lord and President Balli has given me!! I am super excited!!
My new comp is Elder Syndergaard, he is from Nibley (Logan) Utah and went to Mt. Crest High this last year! He really wants to work and get the job done so we are gonna smash it!!
One highlight from this week was a referral we got from Bishop. It was actually just yesterday so we haven't contacted him just yet! But He came to church last week all on his own, walked up to the door and asked for the Bishop. So he had a good meeting with him, and then he came back this week and had another meeting with him. He said many years ago some missionaries gave him a BoM but he never bothered with it. Until just a few weeks ago he picked it up and started reading. He is already in the book of Jacob and he told our Bishop he believes what he has read so far is all true!!! Talk about PREPARED RIGHT?!?!? So he gave bishop his contact details and we will talk with him this week and try to work out his concerns! Miracles are coming to BHB!!!
My last thoughts to everyone is just to have a wonderful Christmas! Be smart and safe and enjoy the time with your families. Remember why we celebrate and what Christ Birth did for all of us. I love you all so much and will talk with you soon!!
Elder Syndergaard and Elder Maughan

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