Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mid Jan Already

Hello once again from the great NZAM!! Crazy to think transfers are next week already. Time is starting to pick up speed and it's flipping crazy!
This week was good. We have an investigator name Donald, he is very old and stubborn haha. My comp and I spent a lot of time with him yesterday trying to help him understand the priesthood and the gift of the Holy Ghost and how it was all passed down to our prophet today. He's a good guy and really pushes me to learn and do more so it's good!! He's helping with my teaching skills and my patience cause he's rough haha. My comp gets very annoyed with him so it's good haha!
We had a pretty cool experience yesterday tho. We met this guy named Mark a couple weeks back. Haven't done much teaching with him yet. He is super chill. Likes fishing, motorbikes, being outdoors, really humble and strict man! He told us that he was being taught like 13 years ago and was wanting to get baptized but something went wrong and he just turned away and hasn't been in contacted with anyone from our church since. So my comp and I are slowing working with him, just keep going to visit him. He said he'd try to come by to church but he ended up not coming cause the weather was too nice not to ride his bike. BUT he came by after church to say hello and sorry for not coming. AND he asked us for a new Book of Mormon so he could do some studying again and talk to us more! He is ready!! It just helped me realize that once someone plants the seed in someone heart, it'll never go away. We as members now need to continue to plant and water the seed of non-members. Every member is a missionary. 
Love you all and hope you have a safe week!!

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