Monday, December 14, 2015


Hello again to everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful week. Highlight of this week as you can tell by the subject is the TEMPLE!! We got to go as a mission to the New Zealand temple and it was gorgeous!! As you pull into the parking lot the temple is on a little hill. So when you first start walking up to the temple it is the only thing you can see, and the back drop for it is the big blue sky! Man it's awesome! I was able to find a family name to take to the temple and do all of the ordinances. From baptism all the way to the endowments. It was such a beautiful place, and the spirit that was there was so strong. Being there with other servants of our Heavenly Father and just being in his house is such a blessing. 
The cool part too is that the Temple President is a former Rugby Player for the All Blacks named Sid Going. People say he basically changed the game of Rugby for NZ, so it was cool to walk among a rugby great!!
I hope all is well back home and you are staying warm with the snow ;) Here for Christmas people like to have a BBQ on the beach, so that's kind of weird..
I love you all and will talk with you next week!!

Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

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