Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving week in NZAM

Hello everyone once again. Can you believe it's already December?!
This week was pretty average for the life of a missionary. Woke up every day, and tried to find some people to teach!;) We had a companionship study with President Balli and that was super cool. He gave us a lot of fantastic insight that I will take throughout my mission. We had a good lesson with these two people named Leo and Makayla. Brother and sister Samoans. Very nice people and very keen and wanting to learn. We were teaching the Restoration and it was flipping awesome! But once their mom came in, it just died. The spirit was gone and there was nothing left. They are a very strict Catholic family and it was hard to get her to listen to us without her denying what we were saying. But there is some potential with her kids so we will see, and we will keep praying and hoping for the mom to come along!! 
Other than that it was a solid week!! We didn't do anything for thanksgiving sadly... But I'm still very thankful for all of you and this Gospel and the chance that I have to serve!!
I love you all and will talk with you next week!!

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