Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tis the Season!

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all well and enjoying the Christmas season!! I have video but It won't upload so my mom and dad will put it on their facebooks so you can look for it there ;)
Any way this week was pretty crazy!! An elder in our zone got bite by a pretty big spider and had to go to the Hospital multiple days. So we were on trade offs right and left. My comp and I were only together in our area for probably a day and a half total this week. But we have been getting in the Christmas spirit here so it's all good!! Our ward had a massive ward party this weekend! It was so fun to mix and mingle with all the members and hear some missionary stories themselves! And we had 3 investigators there so it was awesome!! But this ward is amazing and I love it so much! 
I'd like every one to watch some time this week the new Church video. There is two really good ones that they came out with this year. Please take a look at these and try to remember the real meaning of Christmas. We have found these videos to be super effective with teaching and helping people remember the true meaning of Christmas and why we need a Savior. What the Savior did for us is such a blessing and I encourage all of you to ponder on what the Savior has done for you. I love you all and wish you all a good safe week!!

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