Sunday, April 24, 2016

Conference Weekend 2016

Hello once again everyone :)
I hope you are all doing good :) Yes you all might be thinking I'm crazy cause conference was last week, but we watched it this week so you can bare with me ;)
This week was pretty solid. Lots of good things going on and a good hand full of investigators that are progressing. We went on a trade off and I got to go with an Elder named Metekingi who is visa waiting to go to Utah!! So he is GREEN AS. I got to take him to his first lesson with an investigator. He was way nervous but he did really good haha. There's some good things going on in our areas so I'm happy to be here :)
After the Priesthood session I felt like I was back in October haha. I was with my companion and we went to McDonalds with my first companion Elder Murdock. Haha just like last conference. It was fun to be back with him again haha.
So conference was wonderful in every way. I couldn't even tell you which one was my favorite cause they were all just so wonderful!! But my invitation is the same as last week and it comes from one of the talks (But I can't remember which haha) The Lord has given us a fantastic opportunity with these conference talks and they are so easy to access with Are we taking the chances we've been given and studying these talks until next conference?? These talks are direction revelation and teachings from the Lord for our day and time. Are we using them to the fullest?? I'd invite you to try and read or watch at least 1 talk this week. Just treasure up the word of the Lord. It's such a special thing we've been given, we might as well use it to our advantage!!

I love you all so much and miss you as well!!
Keep up the good work!!:)

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