Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Halloween with a Great Week

Hey everyone! This week was awesome! We got started from square one and just got going with all we could for the work. We went through the area book, the ward list, and just hit the streets! We talked to over 20 different people each day. We were just out knocking doors, talking to anyone we could see on the streets. We had so much fun.
This week I also had the chance to do a trade off with Elder Seelos from Bountiful. He's an egg, but we had so much fun haha. We rode the train and ran in the rain, in our, suits so we weren't late for our meeting. It was super fun.
We have so many people to go back to this week to teach them. A lot said we can come and share a message. Some seem keen as, some seem like they just wanted to be nice haha. But that's okay we will still try!!
Time is going to fast. Can't believe it's November tomorrow! I love it so much here. This place has a place in my heart forever.
I love you all once again!

Elder Maughan

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