Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another Week Gone, Wooooooooo

Hello all. 
This week, it's about time it's over haha. Our baptism didn't happen sadly. Bills dad took away his permission a few days before the baptism happened. So that started the week off pretty bad haha. Then a few days later I got sick. And one of our zone leaders was sick too so him and I just stayed home all day long. So that was another blah of a day. The weekend was alright. Heaps and Heaps and even Heaps more of service. It feels so good to be out in the sun. It's the best to get out and just serve in anyway I can. It's my favourite thing to do is just serving and helping people have things be better for them. Just seeing their faces and hearing the gratitude in their voice is the best. That's what this time of year and a mission is all about! 
I wanna encourage everyone to keep up with the Light the World calendar and do all you can to serve other people and make their lives better. I know the Lord will bless yous as you do so.
Sorry this is pretty short but not much to report this week haha.
Love you all!!!

Elder Maughan

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