Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another week gone by!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a great week! This week was a total blur for us going by so fast. Crazy to think I've been in New Zealand for a month now!! Any way lets get onto some important stuff. 
Monday night we had a get lesson with one of our progressing investigators Jerome. He came to conference which was a big step for him. He still has some doubts and he's worried about living by the commandments. We have a lesson with him and his partner tonight and we have our Elders Quorum President coming along who has a very similar story to Jeromes so we are gonna hit him hard with some good doctrine!! We are going to try and set them both for baptism on the 31st tonight so cross your fingers!! We have been talking with this guy named Jaemish. The guy who might get deported i'm not sure if I mentioned that before or not. He had a court case on Friday so they are waiting for the final decision now so he's been nervous. But we went over there a few times this week and talked with his auntie, grandpa and him. We had a fast with them so when we went over to break the fast they stuff us with Curry! (we've had curry three times this week. Heaps of Indian people!) But he has really come to like us and our gospel. His grand dad told us "We are welcomed there anytime we want, the door is always opened to us!" And just imagine that being said in an 82 year old Indian mans voice haha. We came home for dinner one night and there was this random guy just sitting in front of our flat. He waved us over and he was without a doubt super high. But being the nice guys we are we sat down and talked with him to try and figure out his story. He said he was baptized 2 years ago and now is Buddhist? He was telling us all about how he beat the crap out of a kiwi guy just cause he was a kiwi. He showed us were he punched him on me so while he was pretending to punch me, he got closer and closer each time and harder each time so I got a little nervous he was gonna drop me haha 😅 but E. Murdock had to go to the bathroom so we left him and went to visit him the next day. His mom is like the sweetest woman I've met here. She is 76 and can hardly move and do anything. Her son is crazy tho.. But he told us if we got him a ride to church he would come, so we should up on sunday and he wasn't there, not a surprise but oh well.
This week was very good! I hope you all are doing well!! My challenge for everyone this week is to find one conference talk and read it a few times this week. Find which one was your favourite and really study it!
I love you all and hope all is well back home!
Also keep up on the World Cup, the All Blacks are killing it!! ;)

Elder Maughan

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