Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 4-Not Our Cup of Tea

Hello everyone!! It's crazy that this upcoming Friday is my month mark!!! For Elder Murdock it's gonna be his year mark on that same day, so we might treat ourselves to some cake or something 😁  Any who let me tell you about my week :)
On Monday after emailing we got together as a zone
This is all the elders devouring some fries we got. The one in the middle smiling and actually paying attention is elder clark from Salt Lake!! 
So we got together at our stake center, played some soccer, touch (rugby) and just chilled. Super good day to hang out and get to know the district. That night we went to a FHE with a family called the Tongimuas. Their son and his partner are not members so we went in ready to teach about the BOM. But of course those two weren't there and they were the whole reason we went over there... So we continued with regular lesson with the family and the last 5 minutes those two show up.. So they gave us some really good sandwiches and we sat and just talked with Jerome (the son). And he finally opened up to us!! He has a strong desire to know the truth of this gospel, but doesn't really have the will do to anything to find out for himself. Stubborn people are no fun.. But we got some good gospel in with him and left him a Challenge to read a certain chapter in the BoM and to pray every day. We have an appointment with him tonight and we will follow up with him and talk with Him about Faith!!
Nothing really happened on Tuesday expect we did some service for a Chinese woman who we haven't really started teaching but have an appointment with this week!!

​We washed her car inside and out!! It was really gross on the outside and we made it sparkle like new 😎
Wednesday we had another FHE with a family and that was good because they are less active. But Thursday is when things get exciting!!
So we started off just walking around and tried to visit people and find new investigators. We talked with this older Chinese woman named June who didn't speak very good English. She told us to follow her to her house so of course we did. And we got to the doorstep and we aren't suppose to go inside unless there is a male 18 years or older home just out of respect. So we were standing at the doorstep and she kept telling us to come in and help her move. She went into another room for like 2 minutes expecting us to follow her but we didn't because of our rule. So we were standing there and she came back and she grab Elder Murdocks hand and started to pull him inside!! We ended up moving a small self for her into her garage and passed her on to the Chinese elders haha. We then went to try and catch this one investigator but he wasn't home. So we went knocking on some doors in his neighborhood. We knocked on this one flat and this lady answered and said they weren't interested but her drunk husband came running to the door asking what we know and who we are. So we gave our little intro and asked what we belief. We started talking and probably 15 words in he cut us off and told us what we believe. Saying the F bomb probably every 2 or 3 words he went on to tell us that the BoM basically tells us that "we believe in a planet that is full of virgins. And at a certain age we get twinkled up there and get closer to God." Super weird right?! So he bashed us for going out and "Not educating ourselves in our own gospel". But he was nice about shutting the door in our faces! He said cheers and shook our hands and put the door in our face!  We both walked away in complete shock and didn't know what to do haha. Later on that night we went to go teach a Recent Convert named David. His wife Shuana isn't a member and we just kinda gave up on teaching her because she wasn't progressing or doing anything we asked. So we went in planned to teach David more about commandments. But half way through Shuana spoke up with some concerns she thought we should know. She's going away to Tonga for a month and she's worried (for some WAY strange reason) that her husband won't keep the Law of Chastity while she's gone. She got very deep and personal with some of the things that she shared with us. She wanted us to help and just to let us know what was holding her back. Elder Murdock just looked at each other, tried our hardest not to laugh and just said "that's not our cup of tea and the only person to really help with that is bishop". We were in complete ah and just didn't know what to do!! So she was talking and getting way more personal than we EVER needed to hear. Elder Murdock just kindly asked Brother David to give a closing prayer and we were gone. We couldn't stop laughing and talking about for the next two days!! It was completely random. On friday we had zone planning and then we went to the McDonalds here and you can create your own burger!! Something back home needs to invest in. Later that evening Elder Murdock got super sick. So we went home at like 4, both took naps, watched a movie about the building on the Salt Lake Temple and crashed pretty early that night. Same with Saturday. He still wasn't feeling too well so we didn't do a whole bunch just relaxed.
The work here has been dead for a long time in Blockhouse Bay! The ward keeps saying that things need to start changing. Elder Murdock keeps saying that his last comp didn't do a whole lot in this area and he was stuck doing all the work and it just wasn't going well. I'm here to change that!! I couldn't be more ready to work and bring this ward what it deserves! Many stories to come and great adventures!! I love you all so much, thank you for all the prayers and blessings! I will talk to you all next week!!

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