Monday, January 9, 2017

Week in Review

Well here are once again. Time has gone so fast I feel like I was writing this email last week! 
We had a good week and we have a lot of good things going for us so I'm glad to get it moving!! We had a busy week. We had MLC on Wednesday so we were over in Takapuna for 8 hours in the mission home doing a training. It was a really good training tho and I got to see heaps of my good friends so I was happy! And they had some MEAN food so of course I can't complain.
Thursday we had our zone training and we went up Mt. Wellington for our training. It was a good training, but could be better of course. 
Friday we had to deal with some drama, yay for our job, and then just keep going with the work. Not much in the work going on at the moment, we are trying are best to find and work hard!
Saturday I had a cool experience we a Part-member family and our zones greenie. Our comps weren't feeling too well so we decided just to go out for a bit and hit up our appointment. It was a little shaky at first cause neither of us have ever really met them or been inside their home, but we were able to get the conversation going and laughing. Towards the end we were able to ask them if they were gonna attend church with us tomorrow. Jane, the non-member, asked us if it was fast sunday and express how she needed to fast. We explained yes and that we would love to join them in the fast. This girl is super prepared and ready to enter the waters, just needs some help overcoming a few challenges. As we left my companion was freaking out at how awesome that experience was and how he loved it. I'm glad I was able to be apart of that experience for him and for this family :)
Looking forward to a nice, warm, sunny week ;) Hopefully everyone in Utah doesn't freeze too bad ;)
Love you all!!
Elder Maughan

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