Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hot in Panmure

Hello all! We had a good, hot, muggy, humid, week this week. I think that describes it well. For church yesterday it was cloudy as all day, but it was still 28 degrees. (82 in F) so everyone in church was dying of heat. But I had the great chance to speak to the ward on missionary work. It worked out well considering I didn't write it until 8 o'clock that morning with 9 o'clock church :) The Lord provided big time haha! We are really excited to be working with one particular family, Jane and Paula. Paula is a member but he's been less active for a while, Jane has had heaps of missionaries just has had some rough patches in her life. Yesterday we were able to meet with them and talk about an action plan to help them with smoking. Jane told us she wants to be baptized as soon as she can!  We are really excited for her. She knows the church is true and wants it so bad! Please keep them in your prayers to help them out :) I also had the chance to go on trade offs with the Assistants this week. I got to go to the Takapuna Ward with Elder Hixon. We had a mean time! Their ward is really cool and very helpful to them. It was fun to get to see more of the mission and meet some more really awesome people of the church.
Time to grind this week and get the area and zone moving in the right direction! Thank you all for your love and prayers! It's very much needed!

Love you all!! :)

Elder Maughan

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