Sunday, May 21, 2017

Time is going and going fast

Hey everyone! 
Things have been pretty good this week. Lots of rain and sunshine all together but it has still been good. We had interviews this week and it was really good to sit down with President Balli and receive some guidance and counsel from him. I really love meeting with him and receive the counsel.
We have heaps of stuff to work on in our area. We have one awesome family that we are working on named Jane and Paula. They are doing good. Lots to work with and so I'm excited to see the steps they make and do the best I can to help them come closer to Christ!
It's weird how time is going. The beginning of the week seemed so slow, but the back half seemed so fast. Especially since we had stake conference. But it's made me realize how little of time I have left to serve. 8 months isn't heaps, and I want it to be the best. Time is something the Lord has given us and I don't want any of us to waste it. If you're a missionary or not, every moment we have been given from the Lord should be cherished and we should use it to the fullest. So no matter where you are in life or what you are doing, cherish the moments you have, and thank the Lord every day in your prayers for the opportunities He has given you. Open your heart of gratitude to the Lord.
Love you all!!

Elder Maughan

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