Sunday, May 21, 2017

Easter Week :)

Happy Easter Week everyone!! 
It was a great week. Being able to reflect on our Saviors last week and all He did for us. I'm truly grateful for Him :)
This weekend was mean!! Mata got Baptized and I was able to do the confirmation for her on Sunday :) What a great privilege!! On Saturday we went to a baptism for the Tongan ward. They had a family convert baptism so 4 of them made that covenant with our Father :) It was so beautiful to see a family in white!! 
Last night we had a Come and See fireside and it was really certain around Easter. We watched two videos from the Church. 2 of the Easter ones they made over the last few years. As I watched the first one, seeing what He went through, made my testimony that much stronger that He really was here, He suffered and did everything we hear and read about, and He lives now. If anyone is unsure of that, I can testify from the bottom of my heart He lives and suffered for each and everyone of us. I love Him so much and I hope yous can find and feel His love too :)

Love you all! Have a good week!!

Elder Maughan 

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