Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hello all again and again.
This week was pretty good. It's getting colder and colder as the days go on. Especially in the mornings! But it's still super nice, it's been so hot I'm ready for some winter. 
The week was pretty good. Lots of just basic work. My comp was sick a bit but he was a trooper and kept going for the most part. Some lessons he just had to sit there but that was a good challenge for me! It's really nice to teach with a companion and not have to do everything alone haha. It's not as powerful I reckon.
Jane and Paula were both baptized and confirmed on the weekend! They told us how they were so glad this day came! They are super awesome!! It was especially great to see Janes smile and excitement right before we went in the font. I know it meant a lot to her and her family!
Transfers this week! Guess we'll see what happens this time around!
Love you all heaps! Have a good week!

Elder Maughan

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