Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hospital Weekend.

Hello everyone!
Well, what a week aye. I'll start off now I am all good. Nothing is too wrong I'm still able to work and to keep goin! But let me tell you where this is all coming from.
Monday morning I woke up with a massive right elbow. Nice red and shiny. Not sure what from but very painful. So I called the nurse and continued with my P-Day kind of babying my right elbow. Some sisters and us wanted to go bowling. I tried two frames with the right, not the most comfortable thing, so I did the rest with my left and did awesome! Finally heard back from the nurse Monday evening and said she wanted me to go to the doctors. So from Tuesday to Friday I had to go to the doctors every day to get an IV with some drugs. Friday they tried some different drug that my body didn't like. My arm got very stiff, sore and hot. So the nurse freaked out and took it out and then my back started freaking out. Couldn't lay flat cause it was too stiff. So they gave me some pain killers through an IV and then the doctor came in and said she talked to the hospital and they wanted me to come in for a look. So we got to the ED at about 530, got looked at by the nurse at 730, got looked at by the doctor at 1210 am. They didn't even have a doctor on staff so we had to wait for him to come :) There were some very nice members and people there who looked after us haha. They admitted me to a room at 2 am and finally let us go to sleep at 230. Then I stayed there all of Saturday, and all of Sunday. And finally got released this morning at 1230 :) What a great weekend haha. Thats about all the news I have for ya!

Hope you all had a good week!

Love you heaps!!

Elder Maughan

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