Sunday, May 21, 2017

Flooding in Rain and Baptisms

Another Great week has come and gone. Time is so freaking fast it's crazy. BUT! Lukis, Katia, and Jacob all got baptized and confirmed this week! It was such a great service and a miracle that Katia even got there haha. She showed up with like 2 minutes before we started, but the Lord provided a way and we were all super super excited for it :)
We've had so much rain lately. I do my best to drive through all the puddles and splash the water haha. Auckland is getting so much rain and just flooding everywhere. It's not super fun to walk in it, and when both our rain coats pour water on our thighs haha, but it's still super fun and super worth it :)
The whole stake is doing really well. Lots of miracles came to the entire zone. One companionship got 3 sets after having nothing going on in their ward. We also got to go to the Glen Innes ward baptism yesterday for the Elders serving there. Lots of great things going on in Panmure!

Love you all! Hope all is well wherever you are!!

Elder Maughan

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