Sunday, May 21, 2017

Guidance from Conferences

Hello everyone!
Another week has come and gone and I'm very grateful for all that the Lord has given us this week!
The elbow is getting much better. Still sore and achy to move and tender to touch it. But all is well with it and it's almost to full strength I'd say :) 
This week has been pretty average. Like I said the Lord has given us heaps, but Satan throws stuff right back at us haha. But everyone we are working with is doing well and still moving toward their commitments. We have a baptism this Friday for a little girl who's family is really excited so they can keep coming to church more.
I loved General Conference this weekend! The Lord gave me so much guidance and answers that I am completely grateful for. We had some cool experiences and some people that were there with us told us that they really enjoyed it.
It was awesome seeing how conference impacted one family. When we talked with them it was just a complete different feeling of love and joy. It's cause all of the wards that were spoken come from God just for us!!
I'd encourage everyone to just pick one talk for the week and study it more in depth and see what the Lord has in store for you even more!

Love you all!
Elder Maughan 

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