Sunday, May 21, 2017

April has gone too fast

Hello from down under. Life is still going great and the work is going amazing still. Panmure is doing great! We got to attend 2 companionship's baptismal services and a ward child baptism over the weekend. It was super fun and spiritual to see all these people dressed in white and making that covenant with the Lord :) There should be about 5 or so more this weekend and I'm so excited! Two of which are people we've been teaching! Jane and Paula have made some great changes in their lives and I have loved watching the Spirit come into their lives more and more every day!! It's amazing how this Gospel works aye??:)
Yesterday was a struggle for us. Not cause of no work or nothing, cause of FOOD. We fasted with Jane and Paula, and then broke it with them at 4. Jane is an amazing cook and put on a great meal. Lamb slaps that were massive, with potatoes and veggies. Mean. But we knew we were gonna struggle cause at 5 we had a dinner appointment with our members.. And these members don't do meals lightly. It started with a good pumpkin soup. We thought we were gonna be all good. Then They pilled on beef and kumara and veggies and gravy and we were both struggling. Neither of us could finish it haha. We got like half way through or just passed it and had to stop hahahah. We didn't even make it to dessert. But it was a lovely meal haha. 

But that's about it from me this week!
Looking forward to another good week!
Love yous heaps!!

Elder Maughan

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