Sunday, May 21, 2017

Area #6 Punaruku Ward, Whangarei Stake

Hello everyone! 
Well we had transfers and I'm back in the North!
It's good to be back, just weird seeing it all again haha. But I'm in a different area not in my old branches. Which is sad but I do love my new area! It's straight in the bush man. Takes 40 minutes just to drive there, and it's not just a straight road. We curve and swerve all over the place so it's super tiring. Come home every day smashed and just ready for bed. 
This week especially. Got up here on wednesday, went back down to Auckland on thursday, drove back up friday, then up to Kaikohe on Saturday and back to Whangarei on that day. Pretty wrecked if you ask me.
But!!! I had an amazing experience already!
So we got up here on wednesday and had to go back to auckland on thursday night for MLC on friday. After our meeting when I was getting my arm checked I was talking to Sister Balli and she said Heavenly Father just wanted me back up for some reason. After that we started driving back up and I was wondering what it could be the whole time. We stopped in Wellsford for food since it was about half way. As I was waiting for food I was just looking around the street thinking about when I was there before. As I turned back around a person was standing right there just looking at me, literally came out of no where. Took me a moment and I realized it was my old investigator! The one that I met and absolutely loved teaching! I got to catch up with her for a bit and then our food came and she let us go cause she had to take her kids to their dads house who she no longer lives with. So it was super cool to see her. Then we popped into the Phillips house to see them again and catch up. Well I told them this same story and I told them the first person I met back up her. They both freaked out cause the whole branch has been looking for her for like a month cause she moved house. But the first day I came back I found her and got her new house again. Just like the first day I was in Wellsford last year. First time in Wellsford she walked up to us then too saying we were the sign she was looking for. 
It was really great to meet up with her again and I told the elders straightway and they are looking forward to really helping her now.
Life is good up here!! I'm excited to be back!!

Love you all and have a good week!!

Elder Maughan

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