Monday, September 21, 2015

Elder Maughan is New Zealand Bound!!

Last Wednesday night we got an email from Elder Maughan saying he would be going to Knoxville, Tennessee because his visa hadn't come yet. After scrambling to figuring out where his visa was, and what the heck was going on we found his visa, and found out his flight plans and he was confirmed to go to New Zealand and he is on his way!! We got to talk to him for about an hour and heard all about his adventures at the MTC! He is doing very well and can't wait to get to New Zealand! While waiting for his flight to San Francisco Elder Maughan saw Sister Nikki Flink and her family returning from her mission from Independence, Missouri! Elder Maughan doesn't know when he will be able to email again; we are thinking next Monday (Sunday night for us) and he said he would send lots of pictures. Elder Maughan would love to hear from everyone, we will update his address for New Zealand when we get it from him. But you can fill up his email and he would love it! carson.maughan@mylds.mail

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