Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Made It Safe and Sound

Dear Brother and Sister Maughan,

We are writing a quick note to let you know that you son arrived safely into Auckland this morning.  We picked him up along with the other missionaries from the MTC coming into the mission and brought him into the mission office and mission home for training.  We will send a few photos with some information about his new area and companion in the next few days.

Thank you,

All is well.

Sister Balli
New Zealand Auckland Mission

Just a little story. As we were talking to Elder Maughan before he got on his plan to New Zealand he was telling us that one of the Elders he was with was a little sick and almost didn't travel to New Zealand with him. Anyone who knows Elder Maughan knows that it is in his nature to take care of others first. During the conversation my mom mentioned that she had changed his seat to an aisle seat and that nobody was sitting next to him. His reply was, "Oh good! Maybe Elder Hunter could switch seats and sit by me. I want to make sure he is okay."  

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