Monday, September 14, 2015

First Email

Hello family!! How is it going back home!! I miss you guys so much! Not an hour goes by that I'm not thinking about you guys! The first night was good, until I found moms little care package for me and that was pretty rough but thank you very much for that!! The second day was VERY long! Sitting in class is pretty tough but very doable with the spirit! My companion is Elder Baucom from Riverton Ut! We are very similar and have hit it off really well!! It gets rough when I sit in my own thoughts alone (even in a crowded room) I'll start thinking about you guys and how much I miss you guys and love you! It felt super nice to let out all my emotion to my President and I feel super great now! It's all good! Our president asked/assigned me to be the DISTRICT LEADER!! The second day here!! It's crazy but I'm ready for the responsibility! 

This was suppose to be kind of short and just let you know I'm happy and alive!! I will write you guys again on Tuesday (my P-day) and hopefully talk to you soon!! 

Love you guys so much!!
-- Elder Maughan

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