Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week One!

Hello everyone!!! Today is my first P-day and it is absolutely wonderful! Our district has been going none stop and it is really tiring and I'm glad we finally have a break to just relax. I got put into a district where they are all going to Baltimore or North Carolina. They like to call me the strangler of the group but I couldn't be more thankful for this district. They are what is pushing me through and helping me adapted to the mission life. My comps name is Elder Baucom from Riverton Ut. we have bonded so well together and we already have the flow of teaching together down! In our room we have Elder Garcia(Fresno Cali) and Nielsen (Sandy Ut) and we probably have the best time ever in our room. Last night Baucom got a jar of salsa and we dinner have a place to put it so we all ate it in about 15 minutes before bed. 
So a little run down of the first week. Wednesday was tough saying goodbye until about 17 steps away from the curb and the tears were gone. I felt good but was always thinking about my family and having doubts. But I just pushed through it and we were right into class within the first 2 hours.
Thursday was tough also, some old thoughts throughout the day and it was hard for me. We met out Branch President that night and I had a good talk/cry with him and ever since then I haven't had any doubt or hard times! I'm super thankful for him and his leadership. After he interviewed the whole district he announced that he wanted me to be District Leader! Day 2 and I already had a calling! I have loved being the DL though so it's all good!
Friday, I'll be honest I can't remember what we did, but it went by fast so that's super good!! 
Saturday- we had more classes starting at 8:15 until 12:15. We taught this guy name Chad and he has been through some hard times but he is really progressing!! Then we had lunch and right back to the class room from 1:15 to 4;15. Then it was GYM TIME!! Our elders have started to go ride the bikes for 10 minutes and that gets pretty hard because we haven't done that like at all! then dinner and study from 5:45 to 9:30 which can get long.
Sunday, we had our first sacrament with the whole zone which was cool. It's scary tho because we never know if we are going to speak until after the sacrament has been passed and the speakers start. I didn't have to talk so that was good ;) We had a lot of meetings since we are in leadership so the morning kind of went by slow. But after lunch it was smooth sailing. We went to choir at 5;15 and sung Hurrah to Israel, a song wrote for Elder Grover from "The Other Side of Heaven". There was so much power behind it all and I loved it!! Then we stayed in the gym for the Sunday night Devo. It kinda felt like conference but live. And he had elders and sisters talk in mics and it was really cool.
Then we stayed in the some more to watch Elder Bednars MTC talk called "Characters of Christ" which is only shown here in the MTC so it was super cool. Then we went to bed which is honestly the best part of the day.
Monday- HOOOOOOLLLLLYYYYYY COW!! The best day so far!! We went through the regular day, but when we taught Chad he had a rough night last night. We went in with the Plan of Salvation ready to teach and we went a whole nother way thanks to the Spirit. And at the end of the lesson we got him to PRAY!! That was a super big step in him having more faith and coming closer to Christ. Then just another day all day long of learning and trying to improve. Then we came to district study. This was by far the greatest thing we have done as a district and easily one of the best meetings I've ever been in. The sisters in my district are Sister Skalla, Higbee, Johns and Anderson. I opened the meeting at 9 to anyone who just wanted to share their experience or studies and this is when the spirit came like none other. Sister Skalla sung us a song called "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" she's super talented might I add. And Elder Nielsen and Sister Higbee just lost it. We had everyone kind of share stories and it was super spiritual. Then I got up and told them all how much I love them all and that the reason I'm in the Provo MTC was so I could be with all of them. So they could teach me and love me and make me feel at home and strive in my mission. It was super hard for me, when I was up there talking and I saw Baucom crying and I almost lost it. Seeing my comp cry is super hard for me and I am so thankful for the bond he and I have made. I will never EVER forget this district and how great they all are and how they all make me feel. 

Well week 1 is up!! The computers are weird so I'll be sending some pictures in a couple minutes or so!! 
Please send letters and packages!!! They are golden here!! If you use Dear Elder .com I will get it the same day and it is awesome!! We need DRINKS!!! We get food all the time but no drinks!! To send packages and letters and stuff my address is
Elder Carson Scott Maughan
(Provo MTC address)
Sept 21 NZE-AUC
Branch 66 District 66A Box 69
I will double check that shortly and make sure that's correct!

Well this is my email for the week! Pictures coming soon!! Next time you hear from me I'll be in NEW ZEALAND!!!! I love you all and thank you for all the support!!!

Me and my roomies!! It goes me, Elder Baucom (Comp) Elder Garcia and Elder Nielsen

second picture is my wonderful district!!!

The Elders of the District!!

A picture of the salsa they ate in 15 minutes! 

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